Africana Studies/COML Requirements


Total of 14 Courses Required

Africana Studies usually requires 14 courses, however, for the joint degree there are 6 required courses as follows:

AFRC 6400: Proseminar in Africana Studies (Fall of First Year)

AFRC 6401: Proseminar in Africana Studies (Spring of First Year)

AFRC 7060: Introduction to Africa and African Diaspora Thought

AFRC 7080: Cultural and Literary Theory of Africa and the African Diaspora [a course offered in English or Comp Lit could meet this requirement]         

AFRC 7100: Political Economy and Social History of Africa and the African Diaspora        


1 Methods Course (usually 2 courses, but only 1 required for joint students)


COML Course Requirements

Proseminar—COML 5010 (Fall of First Year)

Prospectus Workshop (Spring of Third Year)



--COML Theory Modules (End of first year)

--Africana 20 Book exam. (End of Second Year) (Students usually read 30 books and respond to 3 questions in written essays and an oral exam. For joint students there are 20 books and 2 questions with essays only, no oral exam)


--COML Book Exam. Oral. (End of Second Year) (Usually 50 books, but for joint students, 25 books)


Comprehensive ExamTwo Fields (End of first semester of Third Year) (Africana students usually take exams in 3 fields of their choice, with professors of their choice. Joint students take exams in 2 fields. Written exam and oral defense.)  


Dissertation Proposal—to be defended by the end of the second semester of the third year


Dissertation—At least one member of the dissertation committee must be a standing member of the Africana Studies faculty and at least one member must be a standing member of the COML faculty.


Sense of the Schedule


First Year--Course Work and Exam


Africana Proseminar

COML Proseminar

2 other courses



Africana Proseminar

2 Courses

COML Theory Modules Exam


Second Year—Course Work and Exams


3 Courses including COML 9990 for exam preparation



 3 Courses including COML 9990 for exam preparation


Africana 20 Book Exam—Two questions. Two written essays and small oral section to augment written essays. (End of second semester)

COML exam—25 books. Oral only with committee of three faculty members whom the student selects.


Third Year—Comps and Proposal –No seminars required in the third year in either Africana or COML


Comprehesive Exams—2 Fields. 1 Africana and 1 COML

COML Proposal Workshop



COML Proposal Workshop

Proposal Defense


Fourth and Fifth Years

Research and Write Dissertation


Teaching Requirement

4 semesters of teaching, usually 2 semesters per department. Teaching takes place in the Second and Third years.