Emily Wilson talks to the MLA about public scholarship

August 06, 2019
Emily Wilson talks to the MLA

Nancy Roane edits/curates series for Penn Program in Environmental Humanities

May 24, 2019

Nancy Roane, Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, will be editing/curating a series for PPEH.  See the first of her series at on Fuel Cuts, an introduction to a four-part series on how energy relates to culture and society.

Emily Wilson Sebald Lecture in London, UK

May 09, 2019
Emily Wilson Sebald Lecture

Raquel Salas-Rivera awarded prestigious Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellowship

May 01, 2019
Rachel Salas-Rivera is awarded Academy of American Poets Fellowship.

Charles Bernstein wins major literary prize

January 29, 2019
Charles Bernstein wins major poetry prize.

Zain R. Mian publishes essay on Pakistani literature

January 24, 2019

Zain's essay, "Willing representatives: Mohsin Hamid and Pakistani literature abroad," has sparked much interest.

INTENSIVE: A Philosophy and Theory Reading Group

December 05, 2018
Intensive, a collaborative reading enterprise.

Emily Wilson on PBS TV and in the New York Times

November 30, 2018
Emily Wilson featured on public television and in the New York Times

Tomas Elliott's article on televised versions of Shakespeare's history plays published in the online journal, Adaptation [OUP]

November 28, 2018
Tomas Elliott's article published in online journal, Adaptation [OUP]