The Thomas Salto, Timmy Straw's latest poetry book

November 29, 2023

Picked by the Washington Post as one of The Best Poetry Selections for 2023, Timmy Straw's The Thomas Salto takes its name from a difficult and dangerous move in gymnastics, a leaping triple flip popularized during the last years of the Cold War. Both in its Reagan-grained historicity, and in the human body that bears the leap’s flight and risk, the Thomas salto is a kinetic figure for these poems’ action in time and space.

In Conversation with the 2023 PEN Translates Awards Translators: Deanna Cachoian-Schanz on the Mania of Translation

November 28, 2023

Translator Deanna Cachoian-Schanz was awarded one of the prestigious PEN Translates grants earlier this year for her work on Shushan Avagyan’s Girq-anvernakira rich, experimental novel that speaks to repressions, literary legacy, and the expansive collisions between disparate writings, voices, times, and lives.

Words Without Borders on Deanna Cachoian-Schanz's translation of A Book, Untitled by Shushan Avagyan

November 28, 2023

From Tilted Axis Press | A Book, Untitled by Shushan Avagyan, translated from the Armenian by Deanna Cachoian-Schanz.

Words Without Borders

Verses from “Algarabía” by Roque Raquel Salas Rivera's

September 11, 2023

Roque Raquel Salas Rivera's (COML, PhD) poem appeared in The New York Times magazine, September 11, 2023.  

Read it in Spanish and English on link

How Emily Wilson Made Homer Modern

September 11, 2023

See Judith Thurman's article in the New Yorker magazine, September 11, 2023, on how Emily Wilson's "vitally urgent translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey strip away the “tarnish of centuries.” "

Link and audio at:

English PEN’s flagship grant programme PEN Translates awards 13 titles from 12 countries and 9 languages

August 28, 2023

For Armenian PEN Translates award winner:

A Book, Untitled by Shushan Avagyan (Armenia), translated from the Eastern Armenian by Deanna Cachoian-Schanz. (Tilted Axis Press.)

See complete list of countries and languages:  

Hilah Kohen winner of the REEESNe's Carlos Pascual Prize 2023

July 28, 2023

Hilah Kohen is the 2023 First Prize winner of REEESNe's Carlos Pascual Prize for her paper "From Juhuri to Gĩkũyũ: The Global Circulation of Language Choice in the Soviet Era."

Ariel Resnikiff and Divya Victor publish epistolary collaboration in the Brooklyn Rail

June 25, 2023

Ariel Resnikoff (COML, PhD, 2019) and Divya Victor have an epistolary collaboration out in the June issue of the Brooklyn Rail.