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Ph.D. Candidate

Nudrat Kamal is a PhD student of Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, she taught comparative literature and writing in Karachi, Pakistan. Her research and teaching focuses on South Asian literatures in Urdu and English, particularly in the intersections of environmental humanities, postcolonial theory, gender and sexuality studies, and science fiction and fantasy. Most recently her chapter “The Postcolonial Cyborg in Amitav Ghosh’s The Calcutta Chromosome” was published in Palgrave Macmillan’s Ethical Futures and Global Science Fiction (2020) and her chapter "Borders, Diaspora and Belonging: Tracing the Conceptualization of Home in Urdu and Anglophone South Asian Partition Fiction" was published in Taylor & Francis' Transcultural Humanities in South Asia: Critical Essays on Literature and Culture (2022). Her current project is interested in tracing a history of the speculative fiction tradition in Urdu and Hindi in the subcontinent from the 19th century onward and bringing it into conversation with contemporary Anglophone science fiction and fantasy being written by South Asian writers today.