Deanna Cachoian-Schanz's book review in the Armenian Review

Deanna Cachoian-Schanz published her first book review, "Deviations: A Translator's Note on Shushan Avagyan's Book, untitled," in a special edition of the Armenian Review called Queering Armenian Studies (edited by Tamar Shirinian and Carina Karapetian Giorgi) with an introduction by Penn professor David Kazanjian. This issue marks the first time queerness as a primary subject of study appears in the Armenian ReviewWhat is a translator to do when approaching a text that speaks sensitively and beseechingly against its own distortion, while simultaneously declaring that “[t]here is one purpose, which is to deviate from the original aim” (Bu)? In her review, Deanna interrogates the politics of translating Shushan Avagyan's Eastern Armenian language Book, untitled [Girq-anvernagir] (2006), as an act of double de-domestication. If, as Avagyan states in Book“knowing only one language closes the border between you and another person,” Deanna asks whether we can look to the process of deviation via translation as opening up, through de-domestication, another possibility to recover both Avagyanʼs and other feministsʼ works from canonical obscurity in Armenian and in their English translations.